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Map of STNM Hospital

1 Director Cum Medical Superintendent
2 Additional Medical Superintendent
3 Emergency Department
4 Cardiac Department
6 Paediatric Department
7 Gynae. & Chest. Department
8 Psychiatric Department
9 Orthopaedics

 STNM Hospital

  Sir Thodup Namgyal Memorial Hospital(STNM) is the biggest and 300 bedded hospital located at the Centre   of the Capital Gangtok. The Hospital has the capability to provide specialized services. Besides we also have Cardiology with a Super specialised Section. As far as the details of the activities in different organization of STNM Hospital are concerned the hospital is engaged in the Tertiary  Health Care Services of the patients.Routine activities going on in the hospital are outdoor clinical management of the patient, indoor patient care, operation, investigation like blood examination, tissue examination, X-Ray, Ultrasound etc. The total numbers of patients who have availed of these services during the year 2006-07 under various sections is delineated below. Patient  who require specialized services for which the facilities, if not available, in our hospital are referred outside Sikkim like Kolkatta, Delhi and other higher centres for management.



Location Consultant

Clinic Days

 1. Director Cum Medical Superintendent 1st floor, Administration Block , left flank, old STNM hospital    
 2. Additional Medical Superintendent


 3. Emergency Department Old STNM hospital, extreme  left flank Medical Officer Incharge 24 hrs. / Full week
 Ph 222944 / 102
 4. O.P.D. 1st floor, Ccasualty Department Room No: 3


Full week
Sunday 9am - 10am
 5. Psychiatric Department Below Pead Ward, New Building Dr. I. L. Sharma Full week
 6. E.N.T. Department 3rd floor, Casualty Department Room No: 13 Dr. Orgdon Gyatso
Dr. Semsay Bhutia
Monday / Wed / Friday
 7. Orthopedic Department Below National Highway, old Building Dr. Dewan
Dr. Pempa
Monday / Wed / Friday
 8. Medicine Department 2nd floor, Casualty Department Room No: 10 Dr. Namgyal Sherpa
Dr. P. M. Chettri
Dr. B. N. Sharma
Full week
 9. Surgery Department Top floor, Casualty Department Room No: 15 Dr. Wangohuk
Dr. Passang D. Phampu
Tuesday / Thurs /
10. Skin Department 2nd floor, Casualty Department Room No: 11 Dr. R.L. Sharma Monday / Thurs /
11. Gynae. Department Below National Highway, 1st floor Dr. Krati    Dr. Chungden
Dr. Neeti    Dr. Deckoti 
12. A.N.C.


do Monday / Wed
13. Cardio Department 2nd floor, Casualty Department Room No: 8 Dr. K.Bhandri Tuesday / Friday
14. Dental Department 2nd floor, Casualty Department Room No: 12 Dr. P.Neopani Dr. S. Hamal
Dr. S Kumar   Dr. Pradhan
Full week
15. Eye Department Top floor, Casualty Department Dr. H. Pradhan
Dr. D. Pradhan
Monday / Wed / Friday
16. Pediatric Department Ground floor, Pediatric Ward Dr. Sheeta  Dr. Nepal
Dr. Path
Full week
17. Physiotherapy Orthopedic Department old Building Medical Officer Incharge Full week
18. Amzi  Lhadhaki Building 2nd floor, Dr. T. Y. Nyiden Full week
19. Chest Clinic 3rd floor, Lhadhaki Building Dr. S. T. Sangkhang Thurs / Saturday
20. Urban & Family Welfare 1st floor, Lhadhaki Building Dr. K. F. Lepcha Full week
21. D.D.R.C. (District Disability Rehabilitation Centre ) 2nd floor, Lhadhaki Building Dr. Melizena Lepcha
Dr. Pema Nden
Full week
22. Birth & Death Registration Rom 1st floor, Ccasualty Department Facing Man Door do Full week
23. Dressing Room 1st floor, Casualty Department Room No: 5 Sister Incharge Full week
24. Injection Room 1st floor, Ccasualty Department Room No: 6 do Full week

Pathology Department




Rate in Rs.

 1. Urine Culture & Sensitivity 30
 2. Stool Culture & Sensitivity 30
 3. Pus Culture & Sensitivity 50
 4. Blood Culture & Sensitivity 100
 5. Throat Swab & Septum Culture & Sensitivity 50
 6. Centro Spiral Fluid Culture & Sensitivity 50
 7. Other Body Fluid Culture & Sensitivity 50
 8. Fungal Culture 50
 9. Gram Staining 10
10. Bacteriological Analysis of Water 100
11. Hematology 5
12. Biochemistry 10
13. Clinical Pathology 10
14. Histopathology / Cytology 50
15. Serology 20
16. Hormone Array 100
17. Root Canal Treatment including filling 200
18. Ambulance charge ( STNM Hospital ) 10
19. Ultra Sound 200
20. Endoscopy 200
21. C. T. Scan 500
22. X. Ray 30
23. EGC 40
24. ECO / TMT 300 each
25. I.C.C.U Private Room Charges 100



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